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Steam ironing services in Bangalore

With growing urbanization and improved standard of living, career has become people’s prime focus. As a result, essential household chores are now being outsourced. Off late there is a growing demand for steam ironing services. Availing ironing service has now become hassle-free with numerous clothes ironing service providers to choose from.

The Laundry Basket for steam ironing service:

With the presence in the multiple cities, ‘The Laundry Basket’ is a renowned name in offering professional steam ironing service. The pressing services offered by us are reliable, professional, customer-friendly and affordable.

How it works?

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Clothes Ironing Service Near Me
Ironing Service Near Me

‘The Laundry Basket’ is an online platform to avail steam ironing services. By offering a user-friendly web application and mobile application, we make outsourcing ironing works simple and convenient. If you wish to avail our professional ironing services, you can take our services by accessing us online. Just download the mobile app or log onto our website, choose ironing services, fill in address details and request for pickup and delivery (if required). Once we receive your order, we collect your clothes to be ironed, professionally press them with steam/dry clothes iron and deliver them to your doorstep in your preferred time slot.

Why choose us for ironing service?

‘The Laundry Basket’ is regarded as one of the top ironing service providers owing to the following reasons:

Steam Iron Near Me
Online Booking

We offer the convenience of availing online ironing services through ‘The Laundry Basket’ mobile app or web application. Our applications are extremely user friendly and help you in placing your ironing request with just a click.

Clothes Ironing Service Near Me
Affordable prices

Our mobile app works transparently. Our ironing rate card is available on the app. We offer affordable rates for steam ironing your loved clothes.

Ironing Service Near Me
Doorstep pick and delivery

We offer doorstep pickup and doorstep delivery of clothes. All you have to do is fill in your address details and choose a preferred time slot for pickup and delivery.

Steam Iron Near Me
Expert ironing

‘The Laundry Basket’ guarantees professional clothes ironing using dry & steam irons. Our ironing experts are well trained to use a steam iron to press your clothes perfectly, thereby generating the wrinkle-free immaculate look.

Clothes Ironing Service Near Me
Express service

We offer express clothes ironing service, whereby we give your ironing order a priority over other orders. Fast clothes ironing service is however available for an additional charge.

Ironing services Price list

‘The Laundry Basket’ offers the best rates for ironing services. Find our prices below:

  • INR 69 for doorstep pickup and delivery
  • INR 9 for the regular steam press (For single piece)
  • INR 25 for the heavy steam press (For single piece)

The price for cloth washing and iron varies as per the load (in kgs) and piece of clothes.

Benefits of choosing ‘‘The Laundry Basket’’ for ironing service

By choosing ‘The Laundry Basket’, you are sure to give your loved clothes in trusted hands. Our professionals are here to take the utmost care of your clothes and use the right steam and temperature to press your clothes. With ‘The Laundry Basket’ your clothes are sure to feel fresh and new. In a crux, placing your ironing order with us will offer you multiple benefits of quality service, best prices and door pickup and delivery.

For further information, feel free to post a query on ‘The Laundry Basket’ app or on our website and we will get back to you at the earliest.



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1. Is it better to iron clothes wet or dry?

Ironing clothes wet or dry depends on the fabric to be ironed. Some fabrics need to be ironed while wet to ensure a wrinkle-free look and some fabrics get burnt if ironed wet. The professionals at ‘The Laundry Basket’ assess the fabric before ironing and then choose to iron it wet or dry.

2. Do dry cleaners iron clothes?

Yes, ‘The Laundry Basket’, the leading dry cleaner offers steam ironing services in Bangalore. You can choose between getting your clothes pressed with a steam iron or getting your clothes washed and then pressed with the steam iron.

3. Which is the best steam iron service provider in Bangalore?

‘The Laundry Basket’ is one of the top steam iron service providers in Bangalore owing to the innumerable happy customers to their credit.

4. Can I request a specific time for pickup and delivery of my clothes for ironing?

Yes. ‘The Laundry Basket’ offers the option of choosing a preferred time slot for pick up and delivery of clothes.

5. Why need to choose ‘The Laundry Basket’ for steam ironing?

The ironing professionals at ‘The Laundry Basket’ are well trained to adjust steam and set the right temperatures to press varied fabrics. Choosing ‘The Laundry Basket’ for pressing your clothes with steam iron will ensure that your clothes are in professional hands.